Anderson, Missouri

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                  TRIBUTE to LOVE

Once in a life time, if a person is lucky, a relationship is born with a horse that transcends friendship.  It is a bond built of love, trust, and shared experiences.  For me, Fox's Love, a Missouri foxtrotter mare, became a best friend and companion for 27 years.  We were young together, and grew old together.  We rode the high mountains in Colorado and the hills of Missouri.  We endured good times and hardship together. 


This spring, after a life time of good health, Love became ill.  Our best efforts, and those of our wonderful vet, Dr. Paul Turchi of the Northwest Arkansas Equine Clinic, were not enough to heal her.  The gut wrenching decision to end her suffering was made, and on August 16, 2012, Love was put down and buried on War Pony Ranch.  She rests at the edge of the big meadow where she grazed and played.  Shortly after she passed a gentle breeze wrapped around me and then passed on as if her spirit was saying goodbye to me.   Words cannot express the sadness and loss felt, and the hope that horses go to heaven to await us. 


Love joins my husband's good appaloosa horse, Turd, who died a few years back after a long fight with cushings disease.  Like Love, Turd was Kelvin's best friend and companion for 27 years and thousands of miles in the mountains of Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico.  He was a man's horse, a horse with an attitude, and a horse that always knew what to do in a pinch.  He could out run and out jump the expensive imported warm bloods in a Texas fox hunt, or take a dude string safely over a Colorado mountain pass above timberline.  Turd is buried on the hill overlooking the barn and remembered by a granite engraved marker. 


It is our sincere hope that our horses have the kind of relationship with their owners that our horses have had with us.  We are fortunate that many of our horses have forever homes and have found their way into the hearts of their people.  Thank you to all our friends who have given our horses loving, permanent homes.