Anderson, Missouri

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ZEUS - Registered Polled White Dexter Herd Sire
Zeus is extremely gentle and quiet.  He is all white with black points and to his credit, he is a small bull.  Zeus is part of the War Pony family and is not for sale.
BULLET - Registered Polled White Dexter Herd Sire
Bullet is extremely good natured, an "eat out of your hand" type of guy.  He and Zeus are best buddies, graze side by side,  and share in the breeding responsibilities.  Bullet is not for sale.
DELBERT  -  Delbert is the last ADCA bull we used on our ranch.  He is a great bull and threw beautiful calves with big rear ends.  Delbert is SOLD and living in Texas now.  We have Delbert's 2018 and 2019 ADCA heifers and bull calves available for sale.