Anderson, Missouri

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War Pony Ranch consists of 320 acres of hills, valleys, ponds, creeks, meadows and beautiful views located in Anderson, Missouri on Interstate 49 (southwest corner of Missouri close to Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas).

For many years we bred and trained Missouri Fox Trotter horses and shipped them all over the United States.  Our focus was on gentle, gaited, sound horses who excelled at trails.  We used natural horsemanship techniques and had horses that were loving, willing and trustworthy.

We expanded into commercial cattle with mostly angus and beef breeds.  We started looking for a breed of cattle that was easier to work, more hardy, and smaller.  That's when we discovered Dexter cattle.  Dexters are everything they are advertised as being:  wonderful dispositions, hardy, easy calving, great mothering skills.  Dexters are, all around, the perfect breed of cattle with their gentle nature, small size, and efficiency. 

Our Dexters are registered with the ADCA and we focus on polled, A2A2, with beefy builds, good udders, and gentle natures.   

We also have small frame British White cattle.  British Whites are naturally polled, extremely docile, have beautiful udders and are known for their mothering skills.  We cross our British Whites with registered Dexter bulls.  The result is a polled, small, white with black points  (or sometimes red points) animal that is just slightly larger than a dexter.  These crosses are out of registered parents and we call them IRISH WHITE CATTLE (a registered trademarked name).  Our Irish Whites come with certificates showing their pedigrees and date of birth.  These crosses are for people who like the white with black tips color pattern but want a small animal with the good traits of both the Dexter and the British White.  

We will have a limited number of calves available, both ADCA registered Dexters and the Dexter / British White crosses, in 2021.  

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