Anderson, Missouri

                                                               Email:  warpony@olemac.net
                   Home of Quality
                   ADCA Registered
                   IRISH DEXTER CATTLE    

War Pony Ranch consists of 320 acres of hills, valleys, ponds, creeks, meadows and beautiful views located in southwest Missouri.


We raise ADCA registered, polled, Irish dexter cattle.   


War Pony Ranch gained a reputation for excellent foxtrotter horses with buyers from all over the United States for over 25 years.  Now War Pony is the home of an impressive herd of Dexter cattle.  We are known for raising quality animals that are well cared for and healthy.


Please visit our dexter pages to learn more about this exceptional, unique breed of cattle.  To know one, is to love one.

Email:  warpony@olemac.net