War Pony Ranch consists of 320 acres of hills, valleys, ponds, creeks, meadows and beautiful views located in southwest Missouri.


We raise top quality Missouri Foxtrotting horses registered with MFTHBA. WAR PONY HORSES are raised in a natural herd environment. Babies are part of the herd socialization and quickly learn from the adults how to navigate streams, obstacles, woods, and a variety of terrains. Unlike horses that are raised in paddocks and small pastures, War Pony horses learn the trails long before their training begins.


Sure footed and level headed, our horses are started as three, four, and five year olds. This allows them to develop strong bones and bodies naturally on our Ozark hills long before they are asked to carry a rider.


We use a combination of horse whispering techniques, John Lyons style round pen work, and gentling techniques that make horses willing partners. No whips or spurs are used in our training program. Our horses are trimmed using the mustang roll and go barefoot. Horses learn to trust, respect, and love humans through positive reinforcement and patience. Many of our horses are ridden in gentle bosals. We do not own or use any harsh bits or aids.


Our horses have been placed in permanent homes all over the U.S. Most are devoted family horses, and several are blue ribbon winners in competition. Regardless of their use, our horses have not suffered from the soundness issues caused by starting horses too young.

This is a 6 year old palomino MFTHBA mare, Hanna Montana, being trained and ridden by master natural horsemanship trainer and clinician, Tim Brock, owner of BC Stables and Training Center.  Tim is putting Hanna through his advanced course in trail training, to complete 90 days of professional training and riding for this outstanding foxtrotter mare.  She is a gaited machine, solid, quiet, willing, with  no vices or issues.  Hanna is the best horse we have ever had for sale on the ranch.   She is a blue eyed beauty with brains and substance.   $5000  (More information on sale page.)

Email:  warpony@olemac.net